Non medical staff in the Centric health centre in Trim have come under a barrage of criticism from patients who claim they were badly treated by a receptionist, cannot secure an appointment for a number of weeks and faced demands for immediate payment.

One claims to have moved from the practice and has still not received their medical records nearly two months after requesting them.

The complaints have appeared on the website and Meath Live has spoken to one patient of the practice who is currently hospitalised with a serious illness who said they were told they could be seen for three weeks.

The patient who is currently in hospital told us, ‘ First things first the doctors in there are 150% good that is better than a 100% they are brilliant, the problem is getting to see them.

‘Since Centric took over the whole thing is a farce, reception runs the show and nobody gets an appointment when they need one, they are almost always referred on to either A&E or Doctor On Call, which is overloading those two with work.

‘I have a log of almost 20 calls I made the day before I was hospitalised and not one call was answered, I couldn’t even get a phone consultation.

‘It beggars belief what is going on receptionists are not medically trained so how can they say who needs to see a doctor and who doesn’t.

‘If you look at the reviews on the website they tell you al you need to know, people do not make that stuff up, they genuinely experienced it.’

Local councillor Noel French said, ‘I would say the story you intend to write will resonate with a lot of people.

‘There are two practices in the town and as I understand it neither are taking new patients, I have had numerous people who have moved to Trim from Dublin tell me they still have to travel back to Dublin for GP services.’

Below are samples of the website posts.

Centric Health have been contacted for comment

‘Had the unfortunate situation of going to get Medical Assistance on Thursday last ( April 27th 2023) and to say that the IGNORANCE and complete Disrespectful Attitude and Arrogance from the Receptionist was unbelievable to say the least – Has the Medical Profession become a complete Separate Organisation from that we grew up in ? One to go and get help and be Treated with some Dignity and Respect when we most need it ???? The Receptionist was just a person that has to be Reprimanded and I will for one NEVER go near Trim Medical again due to her ( Doctors very good ) but we are not letting this go and taking it further through Medical and Legal Channels.’

‘Dr Kenny is VERY good Doctor BUT Receptionist Staff ( One in Particular) is a DISGRACE – Bullying Tactics for Payment Immediately and NO Patient Privacy Nor Discretion……Have spoken to others who attend the Practice and all agree.’

I have moved Practice and requested that my Records be Released and 7 weeks on still not released…..Taking it further with Medical Authorities

‘I have been seen by Dr. Kenny on a few occasions and I found her very good but recently I have been attending Dr. Conor and I have to say he is a very good doctor also, attentive, efficient and on the ball regarding all health issues. Just one fault, the practice needs another receptionist just to answer the phones as it’s impossible to get through to them.’