The administrators of the Trim Discussion Board Facebook page were threatened with legal action from staff at the Centric Health practice on the towns Longwood road if they continued to allow posts criticising non medical staff to be published.

A page admin would not comment on it to Meath Live but when asked directly if it was right they had received a warning that legal action might be taken, they replied, ‘You are right that is 100% correct, but that is  all we can say.’

Meanwhile one patient who used the Centric practice has told us how they now take any of their children on a lengthy trip to a doctors in Mullingar where they can be seen much quicker.

They claimed, ‘ I cannot fault the doctors or the nurses up there they are great it is the running of the place that I have an issue with, when you call them the receptionist asks so many questions prior to deciding whether or not you can be seenm and as far as I know they are not medically trained.

‘I hate to say this but they are playing God with patients lives’

‘On one occasion my mother had to get bloods done and I was told there was a three week wait to have them done but if I was prepared to deliver the sample to the laboratory myself it could be done in a week.

‘They regularly suggested I contact Doctor On Call but one time when I rang that service at six o clock it was three hours before they called me back and then they asked me to travel to Monaghan.

‘I can;t emphasise enough that my issue, and from what I read many others issue is with the non medical staff there the medical people are as good as you’ll get anywhere, I travel to Mullingar now, it is a trek but at least you get seen very quickly.’

Centric Health have been contacted for comment.