A woman,on a North Navan housing estate had her Sunday evening peace shattered last weekend when a caller to the house in which she was minding a newborn grandchild tried to gain entry.

The childs father told Meath Live, ‘ My mum got a terrible fright, the guy was demanding to see a woman called Jane and when my mother truthfully told him nobody of that name lived there he still tried to come in.

‘Initially he tested the door handle and shouted that he knew the door was open. My mam was there alone with my newborn at the time and she had to answer the door otherwise he would have probably made his way in. He still tried to make his way in to the house.

‘Okay he was pissed drunk but once he was told it was the wrong house he should have got the message, in fairness there are other quite similar house nearby so maybe it was a genuine error but at the same time you cannot be too careful.

‘It is certainly not the type of thing you expect on a Sunday evening or any evening for that matter.

‘People meed to be aware of this guy.’