The five male juveniles who were questioned over last weeks horrific assault on a 14 year old boy in Navan have been given security advice by Gardai after a spate of online threats and abuse reports the Irish Independent and it has emerged a social media bust up may have been behind the attack.

The paper claims, “Senior sources said the advice included a recommendation that the male juveniles “get off social media for at least a number of months”.

All five were arrested on Friday, May 19, before being released without charge after they were questioned by specialist officers about their roles in the attack last week.

It was videoed, went viral online and ended up making international news headlines.

“Investigating Gardaí are aware of the volume of abuse and threats made against these boys once that video went viral last Wednesday,” a senior source told

On this basis they were given detailed security advice and told to not be looking at social media, with their own mental health welfare considered to be a big factor in this recommendation because of what is being said about them and the volume of it.

It has also emerged that one of the main lines in the investigation is that the origin of the brutal assault was a row on Snapchat that started over comments one of boys involved in the assault had made about a female relative of the assault victim.

It was also confirmed last night that the parents of all the boys who were arrested last week had “fully co-operated” with the Garda investigation.”