A shocked Pedar Toíbin has told Meath Live that justice must be done for the victim of the vicious Navan attack last week.

He slammed, “The filmed attack on the child in Navan two weeks ago has shocked many people throughout Ireland. It was shocking. It was hateful and the sustained nature of it as the child lay on the ground was brutal. On an individual basis its important that there is justice for this child and his family.

“ I understand that the names of the perpetrators of this crime will be sent to the National Juvenile Office, if they are accepted there will be no prosecutions. If the National Juvenile Office do not accept these names, then the Gardaí will send a file to the DPP and a court case may ensue.

“Peer violence in schools or outside schools is a serious problem. Child on child violence is getting worse in Ireland. Indeed, Ireland is becoming a more violent country. There has to be a deterrent if we are to stem this problem.

There has to be a deterrent if we want to keep our children safe.”