Meathlive has learned that a female teenager was attacked in Navan on Wednesday of last week and that Gardai are investigating whether or not this incident was linked to the attack on a Beaufort college student two days previously.

A source told us, ‘It appears an adult female known to the Beaufort victim confronted this young girl last  Wednesday. What is being claimed is that the adult female, believed that the girl may have led the lad who was assaulted in Beaufort. Where his attackers were waiting.

‘There is nothing that says the two incidents are linked, but it would be a remarkable coincidence if they weren’t.’

A Garda spokesperson said this morning, ‘ Gardai are investigating and incident in which a female teenager was allegedly attacked in the Trim road area of Navan on the morning of Wednesday May 17th. She did not require medical intervention, there is no current update and investigations are continuing.