In an age where tales of scammers conning people are all too common its heartwarming to hear that there is the occasional decent person about.

One such Good Samaritan is called Maurice and he stepped up to the plate recently in the Spar in Dunboyne

A lady found herself caught out as she went to pay for her groceries without realising her bank card had expired and couldn’t be used.

Spotting the dilemma Maurice duly paid for the woman’s shopping and slipped quietly away after shyly revealing his first name.

Now one of the lady’s offspring is trying to track down Maurice, if that is even his real name, to pay him back.

They posted the following on Dunboyne notice board

‘Hi there, my mum recently told me that last week a gentleman in Spar by the name Maurice paid for her shopping as her card had expired and she didn’t have her phone. She’s not on Facebook but if the same Maurice happens to see this post please do type below. She was so grateful but would really like to pay you back!
Such a lovely thing to do!! 🙂
Lovely doesn’t come close ,it was magnificent Maurice !