We asked you to send us your funniest and favourite memories of Slane concerts and in true Meath Live style you delivered.

Thanks to everyone who posted and here’s some of the many replies.

Marian Carolans memory is drink related . Don’t worry Marian you were not alone.

For those who don’t know the area, Wiggers Cross is halfway between Slane and Navan.

Marian Carolan
My Mam, Nanny and aunt out at Wiggers Cross lifting all the drink the guards were throwing into the ditch. Black bags full of drink were taken away
Meanwhile Alison Maguires brother proved a bit too quick for his pursuers
Alison Maguire
Oasis 2009 my brothers ticket turned out to be fake so when the security guy copped it my bro ran like Usain Bolt and they didn’t even bother trying to catch him…
Robbie Giles recalls his brother nearly cutting a concert short after being caught short himself
Robbie Giles
My brother was having a piddle in the concert site but what he failed to notice was he was pi***ng close to an electrical generator and his p**s was getting closer and closer to hitting it which would have short circuited the whole supply and stopped the gig.
Luckily a bouncer spotted what was happening ran over and shouldered him to the ground !
Barry Vaughey enjoyed the Rolling Stones so much in 1982 that when they returned 25 years later so did he

Barry Vaughey

The Rolling stones 1982 , was a Fantastic Concert, enjoyed Thin Lizzy 1981, Thought Santana was the better sound in 1984s Bob Dylan Gig and Returned for 2007 Stones Return Concert
Mike Loughran managed to make the Dylan concert……………………just
I missed all the activities before the Bob Dylan concert as my bike broke down in Wales on the way. The Garda weren’t impressed when I got of the Ferry and with saddle bags full of Black Bush and when asked where I was heading…
Liz Doggett, whose dad Gussy was  long time farm manager at Slane Castle, has a poignant recollection

Liz Doggett

Lots of great memories over the years, but the best one is Phil Lynott singing Happy Birthday to my Dad in the middle of their gig. ❤️
And finally Cat McGovern revealed the lengths some people went to in a bid to try and smuggle drink into the gig

Cat McGovern

In 1982 my late brother looking for plastic containers to put his beer in for the Stones…and my mother in law frantically collecting and washing out the plastic milk containers for him…great memories!