Slane Castle may be Henry’s home but for two music mad hours yesterday it was entirely Harry’s house.

Playing to a much younger than normal Slane crowd Harry Styles bounced on to the stage at 8.30 bare chested and sporting a silver and green jacket that only a man with style could carry off he wowed a captive audience for two hours.

Mind you such was the crowds love for the star he could have recited the menu from the local Chinese restaurant and he’s have brought the house down.

‘We’ll have some fun tonight’ said Styles and he was as good as his word.

Even Bono, there to see his son Elijah preach the music gospel as front man for warm up act Inhaler, must have been smiling behind his shades.

Also spotted in the VIP section was Fair City star Matthew O’Brien, he was happily chatting away to an All Ireland final umpire.

They were probably as taken aback as the rest of us when Styles told the people of Tallaght he forgave them for someone headbutting him on the last occasion he went there.

Performance wise Harry was up there with the best as he used the huge stage to its full potential skipping smoothly from one side to the other as hit followed hit.

Sign Of The Times, Medicine, As It Was and a sensational Kiwi concluded proceedings as Harry headed off to the backing of the traditional Slane fireworks display.

When first announced as a Slane headliner Styles was met with scepticism as he wouldn’t be seen as a natural fit for a venue that has hosted, Springstein, The Stones and Dylan amongst others.

To be fair he is far more pop than rock and what he showed is that whatever the past of music sounded like and whatever the future looks like he is the present.

Harry was very much at home in Slane

Slane from the sky
The view from the Garda helicopter
pic; Garda Siochana