Drogheda is being dive bombed by seagulls on a daily basis.

In scenes reminiscent of the Hitchcock horror movie, The Birds,thousands of the big beaked birds are swooping down grabbing discarded food from litter bins and depositing what they haven’t eaten all over the towns streets.

And to add insult to injury the cheeky gulls are using the streets as a toilet.

Frank Godfrey

Now legendary Drogheda native, Frank Godfrey has decided to do something about it and he has called a public meeting to see what solutions people can come up with.

He told Meath Live, ‘ As a town we have to say stop, the seagulls love Drogheda but we’ve had enough of them.

‘It is not my area of expertise but hopefully someone at the meeting will know a humane way of dealing with the problem.’

The meeting takes place in the D hotel at 7pm on Monday June 26th.