The recent shut down of Tara Mines could signal the company seeking permission for an extension to its Tail Pond according to a highly placed source.

Over the last couple of months residents in the general Wilkinstown/Oristown/Teltown area have held meetings expressing concerns that Tara were planning on extending the pond into that area and the company declined to comment on what they called ‘speculation’.

However a source has told Meath Live, ‘Expect developments on that soon enough, if you look back over Tara’s history

of temporary closures they inevitably occur when the company wants something from either the council or the government and this one is no different.

‘When they are going into negotiate for something they always like to have the threat of closure hanging over the conversation.

‘They are either going to look to extend the pond or seek a cut in their energy charges in fact possibly both, one thing you can be sure of is they have an ulterior motive to what they say publicly.’

Meanwhile Aontú leader and Meath West TD Peadar Toibín has criticised the governments delay in responding to the current closure.

In the Dáil yesterday he said, “Its nearly 10 day days since Tara Mines closed. 2,000 people are facing job loss. These workers are now facing the deadline of the 14th July before care and maintenance is put into place. After that 650 workers will be laid off”.

“I want to commend SIPTU and the other unions who have delivered real proposals to Boliden that could save €70 million. They have worked to engage with Minister for Enterprise, Simon Coveney seeking government supports and requested income supports from Minister for Social Welfare Heather Humphreys”.

“Minister your government is taking more tax from energy than ever before. Semi state firms are earning higher profits than ever before. The price of electricity in Ireland is the highest in the EU at twice the EU average. What are you going to do to reduce the inflated electricity costs and help make this business viable again”?

“Without a solution fast families face a substantial collapse in income. They are facing an income cliff edge over the next few weeks. What social welfare supports will you provide. Will you provide a Covid like financial support for families on top of social welfare during this crisis as the Unions have requested”.

Minister Michael McGrath who was taking Leaders questions failed to answered either of these two important questions.