An angry mother has told Meath Live of how her son was viciously assaulted and threatened with a broken bottle in the trouble hot spot at the Abbey Road bus stop in Navan.

Speaking anonymously to protect her son, she said, ‘My son works in Navan he gets the bus to and from work. He was finished work at 8pm on a night in March of 2023, himself and his girlfriend were walking up to where the pick up point for the bus is, he was approached by a lad in his early 20s where he started to verbally abuse him, when my son asked him what did he say he then roared up the road for his buddy’s to join him, 3 more arrived where they started to attack my son, they punched him and broke his tooth they tried there hardest to drag him to the ground but they couldn’t get him down.

‘This went on for a number of minutes, also to mention that this attack could of been a lot worse as one of these inbreds produced a glass bottle and smashed it to use as a weapon but thankfully it didn’t come to that, whilst this was ongoing my son’s girlfriend pleaded with the 2 men that were standing there watching all going on for help but they just looked on …probably afraid to get involved.

‘The guards were called and statements were made…These scumbags are well known around Navan.. Thankfully my son is a strong young man and thank God they couldn’t get him to the ground as it could have been a lot worse, but it’s an absolute sin in this day and age that it’s not even safe to get a bus home without watching your back.

I contacted a lot of local TDS about this incident and sent email to the minister of justice about the violence in Navan, but what can they do there just is not enough guards allocated to Navan for such high violence and crime in the town.

‘These scumbags are getting away with this and there just won’t be a stand until it’s to late, some poor unfortunate person will probably end up getting fatally attacked and then maybe something “might” be done… But I believe that Karma will get them