A 63 year old widow has been left hanging out to dry after a pair of outsize bras she ordered online were delivered to another house 240 km away.

Olive Power from Delvin in Westmeath ordered two 44DD padded lace bras from online site yoursclothing.ie but when she received an email to say her order had been despatched she realised the items had actually been sent to a house in Listowel in Kerry.

She posted on Facebook, ‘Treated myself to two new bra’s which I bought online this weekend. Discovered this morning they were sent to the wrong address! Who knew someone else had a house called “Pilgrim’s Hill” in KERRY. So if you woke to find a pink 44DD (yes I am a gloriously bosomed woman) in your letterbox…it’s mine.

Olive admits she can see the funny side of things, saying, ‘ The problem seems to be that both my house and the one in Listowel are called Pilgrims Hill so that appears to be where the mix up has happened.

The missing bras

‘I’m just wondering will they fit through the letterbox in Listowel!

‘I was born in 1959 the same year as Barbie was launched but that’s all I have in common with her I certainly wouldn’t fit into one of her bras and she could use one of mine as a hammock.

‘Because of my size I actually travel to America once a year to buy my clothes, over there I am classed as skinny !

‘If there are only men living at the Listowel address they won’t know what the hell is going on and if it is a married couple somebody will have a bit of explaining to do.

‘In the meantime I’ll just have to try and squeeze into the bras I already have

‘I am blessed lucky that I don’t wait until I run out I always order a couple in plenty of time otherwise I would be rightly stuck.’