Incredibly on the day it was revealed that RTE spent €5000 on providing guests at a summer party with flip flops TV licence inspectors arrived in Ballivor handing out notices like the one above.

Understandably the reaction on the local notice board has been one of disbelief.

Here’s a sample;

Everyone be careful. The vultures are in the area tryna get as much money as they can to pay the fine that’s on the way


Top comments

  • Vicky Ryan

    I hope they knock at my door
  • Edward Dixon

    I got 1 too
  • Paula Connolly

    He knocked on mine the other day! He’s actually so nice! I’d say he doesn’t wanna be doing his job ATM 😲🤭
    Meath Live agrees with Paula he probably doesn’t want to be doing his job and wouldn’t he be more gainfully employed driving RTE guests from Drumcondra a ten minute walk away from Croke Park to the VIP section on Jones Road when U2 are gigging.
    It really does beggar belief that RTE are sending inspectors out at the moment.
    Then again don’t forget in Ireland you can be jailed for not having a TV licence and when they lock you in a cell you can switch on your state of the art free telly.
    You couldn’t make it up well not unless you were in charge of one of the many barter accounts in RTE.