Trim based actor, Stephen Cromwell,will be in action this week at the Sean O’Casey Theatre at the East wall venue in Dublin.

Running this week  the 13th to the 15th of July it promises to be an interesting and fun packed Irish comedy which covers the last twenty years 

as the Olde Sod of the Emerald Isle has moved upwards and onwards.

It deals  with the quirkyness  of our famous Rose OF Tralee, the famous Saipan World Cup saga,the arrival of the Tech Billiionaries such as Mr. Facebook

Makk Z!! and more.

Written by Lucan based journalist and writer, Colin O’Donnell,has  put together the intriguing play ‘Broke to Woke’ featuring a number of actors including Stephen Cromwell.

‘It was a real collaborative effort I wrote the script but Stephen and the cast added their own take to it,’adds Colin.

He has written  previous works with one  featuring  on  Virgin Media Player ‘One More’ alos a comedy.

Stephen Cromwell

Unfortunately the play was completed bef0re Tubsgate broke, so we missed out on the RTE scandal. What will people think when we reflect back in 20 years.

Where the well off couldn’t do enough for themselves and left the ordinary Joe Soap to wallow in their self pity. We are all right Jack!

O’Donnell will have plenty of  material to work on going forward. You couldnt make it but they did.

You never know U2 might see a red Vespa parked along the East Wall this coming weekend.

Tickets are moderately priced at €15.00 concessions and €17.00 normal.




Stephen Cromwell