Scammers who are attempting to clone the Dunnes Stores website have been exposed.
Meath Crime prevention Facebook page has posted the following warning.
We received a report today from a member of the public in relation to a fake website which is purporting to be Dunnes Stores. The website looks almost exactly the same as the official website and it offers some heavily discounted sales in the hopes of convincing shoppers to click into it. It was only when the injured party was at the ‘payment authorisation’ page that she noticed inconsistencies with the English language. She immediately closed out of the website and cancelled her bank card. Luckily no moneys were taken in this instance.
It is important to remember that regardless of how familiar we are with online shopping the fraudsters are very professional at creating illegitimate websites.
The following are the golden rules for online shopping:
• Understand risks involved – do some research – use brands and shops that are familiar to you.
• Check to ensure the website is genuine – type the address yourself and check the spelling.
• Check the seller’s reviews and ratings.
• Be careful how you pay – always use the websites recommended payment site – if none, use credit cards when purchasing as most cards have strong customer protection policy.
• Save all documents related to online purchases.
• If you don’t make a purchase, don’t leave identity or card details behind.
• Never send card details by email, text or other messaging methods.
• Don’t send money to someone you don’t know – check first.
If you have been the victim of an online scam or fraud you should report it to your bank immediately and report the matter to your local Garda Station