Shocking video footage of two men brawling outside a packed shopping centre,less than five hundred metres from a Garda station, last week has gone viral on social media

The two men can be seen grappling and exchanging punches, outside Navan Shopping Centre in county Meath, before one pulls the others jumper over his head leaving him unable to see.


As his opponent struggles to get out of his top the man rains blows down on to him forcing him up against a builders van as the punches fly in.

Eventually the other man breaks free and continues to carry on fighting bare chested.

At one point a woman can be heard to say, ‘What the f**k’ and another woman walks past the scrap and gives the brawlers a shocked look.

The fight only finishes when two much younger men come over and speak to the scrappers one of whom backs off while the other is heard encouraging him to fight on before he too storms off.

An eye witness revealed, ‘ This was in the middle of the day outside the back entrance of the shopping centre, the two lads must have had a problem with each other because as soon as they caught sight of one another they went at it.

‘The local cop shop is just around the corner but that didn’t seem to worry them.

‘There were Mums with babies in buggys walking by them and cars were blowing their horns trying to get them to stop but they just carried on scrapping.’

Cllr. Tommy Reilly said to Meath Live ‘Enough is enough,if we can’t get  guards to police the town bring in the army.We can’t go on like this and it ‘s gone out of control for far too long.’