Peadar Tóibín TD has met with senior NTA and Iranród Ireland management to discuss the Navan to Dublin Rail Line. After the meeting he told Meath Live.

“Meath is the biggest commuter county in Ireland. More Meath workers left Meath to work than stayed into the county to work. This happens in no other county. Meath commuters travel longer distances to work than anywhere else in Ireland. Yet Navan is the largest town in Ireland without a rail line”.

“Many parents are travelling 3 hours a day to work. This costs in terms of family life and financially. Many people hardly get to see their children from one end of the working week to the other and people are paying thousands on car costs and tolls”.

The Meath on Track has campaign strongly for the rail line to be bring the Rail line to Navan. As chair of this campaign I am proud of the work we have done to move this project on and now the project is back on the National Transport Strategy.

Peadar Toibín

“However FF, FG and the Greens have still not added the Navan to Dublin Rail Line onto the 2030 National Development plane. Worse than this the Government has still not provided the funds for the design on the rail project to Navan. No wonder the speed of development is glacial. If its taking so long even to get the money to design the project before its even put into planning permission many people will be retired before a shovel goes into the ground. Remember the original Navan to Dublin Rail line was built in 3 years in the 18 hundreds. .  We in Aontú will not tolerate anymore foot dragging on this project. I have called on the Minister directly to put the necessary design funding in place in the 2024 budget and to add the project to the 2030 National Development Plan in the mid term review.