When well known Duleek broadcaster Ken Murray booked a family holiday in Kusadasi he was looking forward to some sunshine.

However what he actually got was a LOT of sunshine and as he is still there he is still getting more, much more, than he bargained for.

As our photos show the temperature in the Turkish resort has been high enough to melt the tarmac on the roads resulting in dozens of slippers, flip flops and shoes, sticking to the ground and defying all attempts to remove them.

Ken told Meath Live, ‘It is 45 degrees here today, (Tuesday), and everyone including locals have to stay in the shade until about half four in the afternoon when it begins to cool down.

Feeling the heat; Ken Murray

‘That’s if you can actually say it cools down as yesterday afternoon it was 34 degrees around that time.

‘Even going for a swim in the pool doesn’t help much, the water is cool enough to swim in but it is still hot.

‘The heat just drains the energy out of you and even the local people, who would be used to hot summers are complaining.

‘It hasn’t spoiled our holiday but it has impacted on it.’

It’s one web the well known Spiders DJ will hope doesn’t get too hot. There are others who have the holiday to hell.