A Fine Gael candidate in next years local elections is that rarest of political animals one with a caring and conscientious side.

Even at eight years old Linda Murray was on the side of the underdog and in fairness she had a formidable giant of the wrestling game to back her up.

She recalled, ‘There was a wrestling tournament on in the Ardboyne hotel and my mother brought me along.

‘The main event was a tag team match featuring Giant Haystacks, who was married to a Bohermeen woman, and at one point Haystacks partner was being battered in a corner by both members of the other tag team.

‘I jumped off my chair ran up to the ring grabbed Haystacks by the leg and told him he had to go and help his mate.

‘He looked down at me and said, ‘I will do that’ and true to his word he jumped in and sorted it out.

‘In the lobby after the show Haystacks spotted me and said, ‘I got him for you’ and gave me a hug he even autographed a napkin with the hotel logo on it and gave it to me I still have it at home!’.

The only girl in the sporting Nelson clan, one of her brothers Davy stepped down as manager of the Meath ladies football team earlier this summer, something Linda found hard to comprehend.

‘I don’t know the ins and out of it but one thing I do know is that when David takes on a project he doesn’t walk away from it easily.’

For the last three years Linda, who runs The Zone activity centre in Navan has been a parliamentary assistant to Damien English and she says, ‘I know he had his moment of controversy but I speak as I find him,

He has been really good to work for and really encouraging the three years there have been a great experience.’

For a woman from a blue collar back ground Fine Gael might seem an odd fit but Linda explains it was a simple choice for her.

‘At one stage a few years ago we were close to shutting up shop at the Zone due to insurance costs spiralling out of control and I became involved in the Alliance For Insurance Reform a group which then began lobbying the government about the situation.

‘Fine Gael formed an insurance support group and my train of thought was they listened to us and actually done something. So as a political party they will do for me.

‘There have been many changes in that area since then which just goes to show if you highlight a problem and put an effort into doing something about it then it can be solved.

‘Funnily enough since I began knocking on doors and canvassing a huge amount of people recognize me as the woman who did something about the insurance issue.

‘As for why am I standing well it was something that always interested me and it was kind of now or never.’

It is one thing walking the streets of Navan in daylight but would the mother of two feel safe walking those same streets late at night ?

‘Honestly I would feel safe but I’d prefer to feel safer and there is no point denying it there is a huge problem with anti social behaviour in the town.

‘A number of us had a meeting with Justice Minister, Helen McEntee, over the problem and while some would dismiss that as a talking shop I always believed that when I leave a meeting actions will follow.’

If the great man was still alive Giant Haystacks would confirm that when Linda Murray speaks problems tend to be solved.