A Navan businessman whose shop has just been broken into for the second time  this year has claimed local Gardai are at their wits end due to lack of numbers to police the town.

James Power has seen his Freshly Chopped shop in Metges Lane broken into in January and again last week, said, “In fairness to the guards who came they

did a great job but there are only four guards and  two squad cars to cover the whole area between here and Kingscourt.

“That is an area with a population of 35 to 40,000 people and it is crazy to think we have only four guards to cover that.

‘The guards themselves are at their wits end as they are not getting the opportunity to carry out proper investigations.”

Meanwhile Sandra Earle the owner of Earl’s Kitchen in Navans Cornmarket has told Meath Live that her restaurant has been broken into twice in a couple of weeks. Basic security message like more lighting cutting back hedging plants and cctv are being always looked at.

She said, “ It is just soul destroying it is anti social behaviour at its worst, lack of Garda numbers doesn’t help but another problem is the roadworks that jam up the traffic in the town, meaning that even when they are available, the guards cannot respond as quickly as they would like to.

“Hopefully this is the last time it happens to us it is certainly something we could do without.”