Meath Co Co has issues an immediate press release to those effected by the recent floods over the past few days were

help and support is available.

The Community Welfare Service can provide assistance to households in the immediate aftermath of
flooding and severe weather events through the Humanitarian Assistance Scheme. Further details can
be found at – Humanitarian Assistance Scheme ( The national contact line 0818 60
70 80 is open on Tuesday morning.

The purpose of the humanitarian assistance scheme is to provide income-tested financial support to
people whose homes are damaged and who are not able to meet costs for essential needs, household
items and, in some instances, structural repair.

Assistance is not available under the scheme for losses which are already covered by insurance.
The scheme does not cover commercial, agricultural, or business losses.
Any additional properties that are not occupied and lived in as the applicant’s primary residence
are not covered.
Assessment of need and income are carried out by Designated Persons in line with policy and
guidelines.Following a severe weather event Community Welfare Staff are available to engage with the relevant
local authorities and other agencies.
In dealing with emergency events the Department generally adopts a three-stage approach as follows:

Stage 1 provides emergency income support payments (food/clothing/personal items) in
the immediate aftermath of the event.

Stage 2 involves the replacement of white goods, basic furniture items and other essential
household items.

Stage 3 is to identify what longer term financial support is required, including plastering,
dry-lining, relaying of floors, electrical re-wiring and painting.

Levels of payment under the scheme depend on the relative severity of damage experienced and the
household’s ability to meet these costs ensuring that the funding is appropriately targeted.
The basic principle of the income test is that individuals and families with average levels of income will
qualify for assistance (including non-Social Welfare recipients).

If you need any further help or support you can also contact your local councillors in your electoral area.