It has  been a time of reflection, love and support by the nation to another lost soul with the untimely passing of Sinead O’Connor.

The lady had the bottle to stand up to the so called ‘pillars of society’ who claimed to know what was best for the Catholic Ireland of days, now past.

Anyone growing up in that era will really know what it was all about. Thankfully today these things have changed but not completely.

There is still work to be done.

Her changed beliefs ,her unforging ability to stand up and be with and stand up for  the downtrodden, will always stand with the beauty of her voice and the person.

We have lost a treasure to the earthly world but we should learn from the likes of Sinead and uphold their values. That would be the best way to

remember her and the likes of Sinead. She had a stage and knew how to work it.

May she rest in peace.