The famous Moynalty Steam Threshing Festival is in full swing today. Today it celebrates its 48th anniversary

and it is a credit to a team  who have kept the festival going and grown from year to year.

Many of us no longer work on farms as was the case years ago. time have changed we are are different society

in many ways for the better.

That being said the festivals that and shows that run all over Ireland capture a time when life was tough.

Saving the hay, threshing the wheat and barley  were big things and a thresher must have intrigued one and all in it’s hey day.

Today at places like Moynalty we get a chance to savior what it was like and maybe get an understanding of our past

witnessing what the folk had to do at harvest times.

Like all farming very dependent on the weather.


The good news is there plenty of music acts on the day too ,with top country and western talents of Derek Ryan, Gavin Gribben

and The Tumbling Paddies to get you jumping and jiving.

Another great day awaits at Moynalty if you haven’t plans made yet, jump in the  car and get a family there , there is something from everyone

and a great day out.

You can check out on Moynalty social media platforms.