The chairman of Meath County Council. Tommy Reilly, has called on the Minister for Justice and the Minister for Local Government to join forces and build houses specifically for members of An Garda Siochana.

He told Meath Live, “ The anti social behaviour in Navan gets worse at weekends and it is no surprise to see that is the period when Garda numbers are at their lowest.

“Guards are from every county in Ireland and if they go home for the weekend they are not travelling back to Navan for five hours overtime, I would suggest if they were housed locally more and more of them would be available.

“Everyone is aware of the anti social behaviour in Navan and yet there is a blue print on how to solve the situation just sixteen miles away.

“When the Drogheda feud was at its height the then Chief Superintendent, Christy Mangan, was given all the resources he required to end it and that was successful,yes I know the situation in Navan is not that bad but it is not far off it.

“One other thing that needs to be addressed urgently is Garda pay we are being told recruitment to the force is not great and one way of addressing this is to make the whole package more attractive.

“I appreciate money might be an issue but it was found when it was needed in Drogheda, I mean what is the alternative do we sit back and do nothing and let the bad guys win, I don’t think anyone wants that.”