In an act of desperation Mary Clarke Kelly from Dunboyne has resorted to a protest outside the HSE Primary Care Centre located  in Ashbourne
Living in Dunboyne and waiting over two years to get service has  led to the protest today, Wednesday, the 16th of August.
Fed up of over two years of waiting the protest signs say it all.
She is seeking help for her 3o year old son and is now at her wits end trying to get him help.
‘The doctors have recommended additional support but we can’t get it.’She told  Cllr. Bonner, who by chance, met the protest on the streets of Ashbourne.
Mary Clarke Kelly with her friend and Cllr. Bonner.
‘The situation is we are trying to get a psychiatrist to check out her 30 year old son. He is suffering from seizures and they
(the doctors) don’t know why he is getting them.
In fairness to the three doctors they have written to the Primary Services to get him assessed. No one has come back to to them. They
can’t believe the way he is being treated.
I don’t know what to do or how to get noticed, that is why I decided on this protest today. this is the only place that can deal with my son.
He has never being able to work because of his condition.
When he has seizures,we bring him to A&E ,they do everything they can to help him but he needs to be assessed by a psychiatrist.
This is what the doctors are saying to me but we can’t get answers.
This is the only way I can show my frustration and highlight the issues we face.
We need help.’

Councillor Joe Bonner is well aware of the issues  for psychiatric treatment. ‘I have  been involved with Ashbourne Suicide Awareness and Prevention’,(ASAP). Garden Centre walks now availible in Celbridge.

He is appalled that people have to go to these lengths, to protest for the need for services. This person is over two years looking for much needed help and I’m quite aware of all the issues that they have to deal with. She needs help, she needs it now ‘ he informed us at Meath Live.