A month after a blaze swept through the apartments in Navans Academy Square complex, leaving many homeless. residents whose homes avoided being damaged are being targeted by ticket wardens as they are forced to park on the streets due to the garage area still not been repaired.

Last week a number of cars initially had warning notices placed on them before eventually been hit with €80 parking fines.

Legally Meath county council are acting within the law but morally they would appear to be treading on shaky ground.

And to make matters worse hard pressed residents are being kept in the dark by their Dundalk based management company over exactly what is being done to fix damaged homes.

Indeed one angry resident claimed to Meath Live that when they asked Oriel Property Management, (OPM), to provide them with the number of the insurance policy covering the complex they were told to “f**k off”.

Numerous calls and emails to OPM have gone unanswered.

Below is a small sample of angry social media posts by residents