It is been  reported that there has been sewage spills in several estates in Asbhourne this week.

Cllr Joe Bonner has been inudated with calls from worried residents to Brookeville, Hawthorn and Archerstown

 estates in the last number of days.” Irish Water need to act now ” points out Bonner.

He also states  ‘This  responsibility lies with Irish Water, they need to take action now, not

Meath Co.Co. and they (Irish Water) have made no effort.

There are a lot of people living in these estates, over 700. The smell is atrocious and you don’t need

a continuing build up of  sewage. They have failed to respond and they ( Irish Water ) need to deal with the sewage spills immediately.”

We have very hot weather which is exasperating the smell.  Action is needed. I am getting calls at 3.00 am, poeople can’t sleep with the smell

and they are naturally concerned for thier children and themselves”

”This situation cannot be tolerated or allowed to continue”

Above pictures show the sewage spills