Following our story yesterday on parking tickets being issued to residents of Academy Square Meath Live received the following letter from a resident of Academy Square

We publish it without any further comment as it speaks loudly for itself.


Dear Sir
My name is Lukazs and l am contacting you with a plea of help as myself and my family are facing a situation.
On 07/08/2023 our family home ( Academy Square)was set on fire. In the underground carpark many cars were damaged and all buildings were evacuated in the late hours.
This fire caused two of the main buildings to be permanently shut as damaged to the water and electricity made it unliveable for tenants to return. As for the people like myself who were lucky enough to remain having a home this stressful situation continued to this current day.
The Car park remains to be closed and no work has been done to restore this issue leaving tenants to park on the main road facing the building as directed by the building manager.
But now many peoples cars are being clamped or damaged and owners receiving fines (e.g. myself ). We have tried to resolve this issue with management only to have it fall on deaf ears and no one taking responsibility or offering a solution to help.
The people have no location to park our cars and are being punished even more with no support and this is very stressful and upsetting. We have contacted the local Garda station and County Council and have been informed that there is nothing they can do in regards to clamping or fines or even offering a solution for parking as that is the duty of the management.
Living in this location l have my child’s school right across the road and have made many friends over the time here in the building. This is my family home where I have made many memories. I really do not want to leave it but I’m slowly feeling like that is the only option I dread facing.
Kind Regards