Video footage of a blonde woman putting the boot in during a violent brawl has gone viral on social media.

The 29 second video, taken on a back lane in Navan, shows two men wrestling on the ground as onlookers, including a wheelchair bound man scream encouragement.

A blonde woman in a yellow dress appears to kick off her shoe before stepping forward and booting one of the brawlers in the head.

Not satisfied with her first effort she ignores attempts to break up the fight and moves to the side before landing another vicious kick to the face.

Incredibly a woman wheeling a baby in a buggy who was watching the scrap then abandons the child to join in the aggro as one of the men gets to his feet and launches a vicious boot into his opponents face as he tries to stand up.

One eye witness said, ‘It appears the two lads didn’t like each other and accidentally bumped into each other and decided to sort out their differences.

‘The blonde girl was roaring one of them on before deciding to help out.

‘On two occasions she landed pretty decent kicks into one guys head and it didn’t bother her in the least to do it, she got him with clean shots both times.

‘Then as the fight was eventually breaking up another woman decides to get involved and puts the brakes on her kids buggy before having a pop at one of the fighters.’

Gardai are investigating.