A county councillor was the victim of an attack in an east Meath pub last Saturday night.

While the councillor was not physically assaulted eyewitnesses say he was left shaken and his female companion was visibly angry.

One told Meath Live, ‘ The councillor and the woman he was with were just enjoying a night out when apparently out of the blue a guy went over to them, he said something to which the councillor didn’t react.

‘That seemed to annoy the punter who then grabbed the councillors phone and smashed it off the floor, and even at that the councillor behaved impeccably and did not react.

‘The woman who was with him was clearly annoyed but the incident finished at that, nobody else got involved’.

The councillor involved has previously alleged he was being victimised by members of his own political party, and has not responded to requests for comment on Saturday’s attack.