A retired Garda, who has lengthy service in Navan, has told Meath Live that if they were given proper resources Gardai could clean up the streets in 24 hours.

Speaking under a guarantee of anonymity they said, ‘ One day, 24 hours would be all we’d need to take the ringleaders out of operation but at the moment the guards haven’t the numbers to do it and the gougers know that.

‘Everyone knows who the main players are they are seen on videos on social media regularly so the dogs on the street know them and certainly the guards know them.

‘If there were more members and more money allocated to Navan they could be rounded up inside a day.

‘One warning to move on and if they didn’t into the back of the van, that would soon stop it but as of now there is not enough Garda feet on the street. Locally there is a political will to deal with the problem but nationally I am not so sure.

‘Look the guards have taken down far bigger groups than those terrorising Navan they just need the necessary backing.

‘Take Drogheda for example when the guards were given what they needed they effectively ended a serious drugs war, don’t tell me they couldn’t reclaim the streets of Navan if they were resourced.’