The chairman of Meath county council has claimed that members of the public are afraid to walk down the street in Navan during broad daylight due to the high level of violence going on.

Tommy Reilly told LMFM radio, ‘When you see fights on the main street in the middle of the day and people afraid to go down the street it shocks you, and it is not getting better it is getting worse.

‘I have spoken to the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, at a meeting but nothing has been done I’d be calling for a mini plan of what is taking place in Dublin at the moment.

‘Ireland is bigger than Dublin and Navan needs a policing plan just as much as Dublin does.’

Reilly’s call was backed by another Navan councillor Alan Lawes who said, ‘I wouldn’t be happy to see my wife walking down the main street on her own at ten o clock on a Saturday night.

‘If she ran into trouble and rang the guards they haven’t enough members available to deal with everything.

‘Tommy is right about the need for a plan but the time has come for action not words, I am originally from the inner city in Dublin and know from people there that the Minister is throwing money at the problem which naturally means more resources will be available my understanding is €10m is being invested to deal with it well if Navan had €2m put into it we could make the place a hell of a lot safer.

‘It is fine having a meeting and agreeing to put a policing plan in place but the Minister has to resource that plan.’