Violence erupted once more on Navans streets earlier today.

Our exclusive footage shows a confrontation between two members of the public and a group of workmen on Trimgate Street, in which shovels, hammers and poles are used in a brawl.

In the three minute long clip two men walk past where the builders are at work and appear to exchange words with the workers.

One of the men then picks up what appears to be a scaffolding pole and launches it at one of the workmen.

As someone can be heard to say ‘call the guards’, things escalate.

Initially the two men appear to walk away before they return with one picking up a pole and charging towards one of the builders who defends himself by shoving his attacker away.

The builder in a high vis vest then drags a man to the ground before a second buikder charges forward wielding a shovel as the grounded man re emerges swinging what seems to be a hammer.

After that ends verbal threats are thrown and one man appears to be phoning for reinforcements before picking up a hard hat and shaping to throw it.

The incident comes on the same day council chairman Tommy Reilly called on justice minister Helen McEntee to put a policing plan in place for the town.