The dreaded clamper in the Foresters car park on Navan’s Brews Hill has lost out to a determined woman in the small claims court.

For the last year or so Meath Live has highlighted the Apcoa run car park as a disaster area for motorists even on one occasion revealing how one driver bought a ticket from a machine on the street beside the car park and was clamped because it wasn’t recognised in the Foresters.

Now reports have emerged that Maria O’Connor from Garlow Cross won an order to refund her the fee of €125 in the small claims court after a judge heard she had actually purchased a ticket using the Apcoa app on her phone.

She was clamped as the guy in charge insisted the car park was pay and ,display only but the court ruled there was not sufficient signage displayed to advise drivers of this.

One up for the good guys then and if anyone has any incidents to report regarding clamping up there please get in touch.