Teen thugs who have been terrorising residents in the Johnstown area upped the ante last Saturday night when they launched a rocket type firework into an apartment complex.

The brief video below shows the blaze at the Bailis apartments which was eventually brought under control by three units of the local fire brigade.

One eyewitness told Meath Live, ‘These gurriers are causing problems especially around the Millbrook estate almost nightly, there s all sorts of anti social behaviour going on but this took it to a dangerous new level.

‘They were going round setting off fireworks in blue wheelie bins up in Millbrook but a group of residents ran them out of the place, they are not so brave when they are challenged.

‘When they were moved on they let a firework go up on to the balcony of the apartments beside Taylors pub which shattered the windows of at least one apartment and set the balcony on fire.

‘Even though most people were out at the time watching the Irish rugby match there were enough still around to see what had happened and alert the fire service who arrived fairly fast and got it under control.’

Johnstown based councillor Alan Lawes reacted furiously to the incident.

He told Meath Live, ‘ It is no exaggeration to say it is lucky nobody was killed, they fired blind as they couldn’t see who was on the balcony at the time, and once they launched that rocket they had no control over where it ended up.

‘I know I sound like a broken  record but I’ll say it again we need a Garda presence in Johnstown, they have a building the infrastructure is in place it just needs to be manned, even two guards there would help.’