A furious councillor has lodged an official complaint against Meath County Council officials after they haven’t given him an answer to questions he raised on behalf of a constituent some four months ago.

In a series of emails seen by Meath Live, Independent councillor Alan Lawes first asked on behalf of a female currently seeking council housing if the fact she has an autistic child impacted on her housing application, and also wanted to know where she stood on the housing list.

The following day he received a reply acknowledging receipt of the email.

Seventeen days later having heard nothing he emailed again requesting an update,

He waited……………..and waited………………and waited, until August 1st when still having no further correspondence he emailed again.

And answer there was none.

So on August 15th he sent email number FOUR outlining what was turning into a saga.

Thirteen days later he received an email from Director Of Services, Martin Murray, in which he claimed the council had emailed a response to the constituent on July the 6th and apologising for not copying that reply to him.

He further advised that Lawes last three emails were not replied to as the system was showing the case as closed.

Concerned that he was getting worked up about nothing Lawes checked with the woman who emailed him to say she had not heard anything at all from the council.

This prompted Lawes to don his angry hat.

He told Meath Live, ‘I was thinking ‘for Jaysus sake is it me they don’t like or is it sheer incompetence’, I mean Martin Murray was decent enough to apologise for not copying me in the email yet still didn’t send me a copy, so I still had no answers.

‘Now this could have led the woman to believe I wasn’t doing my job properly only for the fact she knew I was.’

So time for email number five, the angry email.

Stating that he wished to lodge an official complaint, an annoyed Alan blasted, ‘This makes me look like I am not doing my job and will have a damaging effect on my reputation

‘To be honest without any explanation coming from the council it makes feel that the council or one or more of its officers has a hidden agenda against me.’

Lawes raised the issue at last Mondays council meeting and both chairman Tommy Reilly and acting CEO, Fiona Lawless, agreed the matter will be investigated.’

MCC has been contacted for comment.