Housing association, Respond, have advised residents of the Killegland Walk apartments that contractors will arrive tomorrow to have a second go at demolishing an award winning community garden they claim has been erected illegally.

A previous effort to take it down was abandoned when residents staged a sit down protest

Joe Bonner at Millbourne green

Cllr Joe Bonner, independent.

Neil Boltonke it down was abandoned after angry residents staged a sit in and refused to move.

And angry councillor Joe Bonner has dashed off a damning response to a letter sent to those living in the complex.

In the email to Responds head of housing, Neil Bolton, Bonner outlines that despite meeting with Responds John O Sullivan an June 23rd and outlining residents concerns he has heard nothing since.

The garden constructed and funded by residents has won two county Pride Of Place awards and is in the running to claim another later this month.

Bonner told Meath Live, ‘ A couple of things jump out at me, firstly this is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this issue is having a bad impact on residents mental health which is wrong.’

‘Secondly, and I pointed this out in my letter, the construction of the garden took place in plain sight, in other words why didn’t Respond tell them to stop doing it, why wait and then try and take it down,

‘It’s madness what they are doing and basically an assault on the community.’