Last week saw a new business officially open on the  Main Street in Dunboyne.

GP JOULE, a German based company, specialising in providing sustainable energy, officially launched in Ireland.

In doing so they plan to provide 100% renewable energy projects to help the growing demand in the market.

Established in 2003 GP Joule originally started as an agricultural business and developed the company to also  provide energy needs in Germany.

Today its success has seen expansion into France, Italy and now Ireland with a combined workforce of over 800 people in just over 20 years.

Welcoming GP Joule to Dunboyne Cllr Brian Fitzgerald and Cllr. Maria Murphy

were delighted to see another new business placing its confidence in the locality.

With a population of over 11,000 Dunboyne continues to grow with the ever expanding population in the counties Meath and Kildare.

We need companies like GP Joule to help create employment in the village and help build the economy of the locality they pointed out.

Founder, Heinrich Gartner of GP Joule was also in attendance at the opening

and expressed his support for the Irish wing.

” It’s a great day to be here”

He was really excited to meet the team and explained that GPJoule was bringing its experience of over 20 years to Ireland but we must also recognise that we must have a local understanding. He added;

”We are seeing change not just in technology but in society. We see today people are aware  of what is happening. with climate change as we have seen in Germany this September.we have really had hot weather as has  been the case here too.

We have the technology, we have the resources and we have the staff here but we must embrace change if we are to move forward. This is not always easy.especially if all is ok for some people.

We need to change for the sake of the next generation but also for this generation too.

What works in Germany could be different as in France and Italy  we have to take into account the differences here in Ireland and we can only do that with local contact that understands its community and region.

As he explained, the climate is changing and if we don’t change it will change us.

Another group picture with Staff of GP Joule and local councillors Brian Fitgerald ,front left, to his right  Maria Murphy,

First picture; The staff members of GP Joule  (from left to right): Kieran Norris, Paul Darcy, Guy Wilson, founder Heinrich Gärtner, Ciaran Donnelly, Niamh Igoe, Lina Wölky, and Laura Enzberger.

Credit Ruth O’Callaghan – TLC Photography

When we also spoke to Guy Wilson, Project Development at GP Joule he said ‘Dunboyne proved an excellent location with ease of access to the airport and avoiding a daily track into Dublin City centre.

‘We are well placed for staff and it has a community setting that suits the company.with all the amenities.’ he added.

Heading up the operation in Ireland is Leixlip native Ciaran Donnelly.

He spoke confidently pointing out;

“We are at the start of our journey with GP Joule in Ireland, a little over a year ago we started with a small serviced office in Malahide, we are now here in Dunboyne with our own offices.

Now some 14 to 15 months on we have a team of six based here at our superbly designed offices thanks to Lina and the team who helped get it ready.

We are currently working on two projects that will take some 12 to 24 months to


There is a really good culture here at GP Joule Ireland that aligns with the HQ in Germany

I had the privilege of visiting  our head office. for the first time last year, as did some of the team.

Our overriding opinion was you actually had to  experience the GP Joule philosophy in really appreciate their passion for sustainability.

It’s quite hard to grasp or understand how committed to sustainability the company is. They àre committed to try and ensure a better world for all and for the generations that follow,they want to leave the world a better place.

We hope to be able to have projects here in Ireland that replicate that culture in Germany. We hope to create projects that are part of the community in a sustainable

as well.

We plan to have projects that have a slightly different look than what can traditionally be a quite divisive industry,energy generation, change of use of land..

Hopefully we can be something people think is symbiotic over time with the land and really form part of the community.”

That’s our aim..

We will aim for the stars and try to get there ! ” he concluded.