On the 13th of September, 2023, the Navan Municipal District held a crucial Ordinary Meeting at the Navan Civic Offices. Under the leadership of An Meára, Councillor Edward Fennessy, this meeting brought together councillors, officials, and community members to address a range of pressing issues affecting the district.

Councillors Present and Via Zoom: In attendance were Councillors Francis Deane, Padraig Fitzsimons, Alan Lawes, Tommy Reilly, Emer Tóibín, and Yemi Adenuga.

Officials in Attendance: Key officials at the meeting included Director of Service Martin Murray, Executive Engineer Shane Durcan, Meetings Administrator Áine Bird, and Staff Officers Triona Keating and Ann Monaghan.

Confirmation of Minutes The meeting kicked off by reviewing and confirming the minutes of the previous Ordinary Meeting held on the 12th of July, 2023. These minutes were proposed by Councillor Tommy Reilly and seconded by Councillor Francis Deane.

Matters Arising from the Minutes No significant matters required discussion or clarification related to the minutes.

Expressions of Sympathy and Congratulations The meeting began on a somber note, with expressions of sympathy extended to the families of community members who had recently passed away. The late Máirín Lydon, Sheila Snow, Nahyan Javed, Matt Lundy, and Pauline Lallaway were remembered, and condolences were offered to their families.

Disposal of Land The council delved into the topic of land disposal, with discussions focusing on lands zoned as rural in Kennastown (Cannistown), Navan, Co. Meath. The members discussed the potential transfer of these lands. In addition, attention was given to the transfer of land in Moatlands, Abbeyland South, Navan, to the Board of Management of St. Patrick’s Classical School. The meeting agreed in principle to these disposals, recognizing the importance of making the best use of available land resources.

Statutory Business Transportation works in the Navan Municipal District were evaluated, with issues like tree removal, lane cleanup, bus stop construction, and the need for additional bike racks brought to the forefront.

Policing and Speeding Concerns The meeting then turned to the pressing issues of policing and speeding in the district. Several councillors raised their concerns about the increase in anti-social behavior and speeding in Navan. Councillor Edward Fennessy proposed writing to the Minister of Justice, requesting an action plan for improved policing in response to the growing anti-social behavior.

Councillor Padraig Fitzsimons brought up road safety issues, specifically requesting safety measures in Philpotstown, particularly at the turnoff for the Meath Development League (MDL). Members emphasized the need for proper road safety and measures to protect the community.

Corporate Services The meeting noted the allocations made by councillors on behalf of the Navan Municipal District and reminded members to complete and submit applications by the end of September.

Notice of Questions Councillors raised several questions related to road resurfacing, traffic safety assessments, road improvements, and the installation of bird boxes in the region. Comprehensive responses and action plans were provided for each question.

Any Other Business Various community concerns and requests were discussed, including updates on bus stops, bylaws enforcement, tree pruning, pothole repairs, and speeding issues in the area.

The meeting wrapped up with expressions of gratitude for the outgoing Triona Keating as she transitioned into a new role. The Navan Municipal District reaffirmed its commitment to addressing community concerns and working toward creating a safer and more vibrant Navan.