Councillor Joe Bonner is thrilled that the “Bloomsday Garden” on the Killegland Walk balcony has once again received a Meath Council Pride of Place award.
The community garden on the balcony was brought to life by dedicated volunteers, many of whom are retired residents from the apartment complex.
They funded the project primarily through their own resources, with some local contributions.

Above pic; Michael Callaghan, Hugh McDonnell, Cllr. Joe Bonner, and Matt Magher.

Cllr. Joe Bonner

Cllr. Joe Bonner

This initiative not only transformed the balcony into a vibrant space but also had a profound positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the residents.
It provided a sense of purpose,fostering a strong community spirit and enhancing the overall quality of life.

The garden became a center for social interaction and relaxation, even hosting impromptu music sessions, highlighting the remarkable transformation achieved. Trellis panels, crafted from recycled timber, were erected around the perimeter to soften the concrete surroundings and offer shelter for the plants.

”Its a real credit to the guys who put in the effort and to be be recognised for the project at a Meath County Council Pride of Place award. It give them a lot of
satisfaction as well” he pointed out to us at after the awards presentation held at The Pillo Hotel, Ashbourne last night (26th Oct.23).