Aontu Slane and Bettystown Rep Peter Whelan has communicated frustration as rents increase by 7.3% in Meath.
He told Meath Live, ‘ I am saddened and frustrated on behalf of all Meath renters and savers who, as a result of the government’s failed strategy on housing, have had their rents increased by over 7% in one year.
‘This shocking increase, much larger than the increase in Dublin rents (.04% YoY)highlights the government’s inability to improve the housing situation of thousands of families.
‘ So many families are struggling to makes ends meet in this Cost of Living Crisis. Sky high rents are preventing hard-working Meath families to save and buy their own home.
‘The increase in rent prices are a direct consequence of the government’s failure to increase supply of new homes. For so many families the hope of buying their own home is toast.  Potential buyers are forced into the rental market where many families are paying well over 50% of their after tax income on rents.
‘Aontu believes that housing is a basic human need. Without housing many aspects of a citizen’s life break down. Physical and mental health starts to deteriorate. A family’s ability to provide healthy nutrition falls apart. Education and work life are next to impossible without a home;.