Former Fianna Fáil youth officer Cormac Corr has launched his manifesto as an Independent candidate in the Kells MD  in next years local elections.

He has denied his decision to stand as an Independent was due to him being unlikely to receive a nomination from FF.

Corr claimed, ‘I can see why people might think that but basically I feel I would be better placed to do the job properly as an Independent.’

Cormac recognises the urgent need for increased housing in our community. As a
revelopments to address the growing demand for housing he will tirelessly work towards encouraging both public and private housing

In an effort to streamline the planning process, Cormac pledges to cut through planning red
tape and reduce associated costs. This will not only expedite projects but also make housing
more affordable for our residents.

– Cormac is committed to Preserving your right to build one-off rural homes in your locality, if
elected he will support and protect this right for the benefit of communities across Meath.

– To complement housing growth, Cormac will work to ensure that necessary resources,
infrastructure, and amenities are put in place to support new housing developments in Kells &
North Meath.
– Enhancing the quality of life in Kells, Cormac envisions the creation of a new public park,
providing a green space for recreation and community gatherings.

– For the safety of residents, Cormac advocates for an increase in the number of Gardaí in Kells
& North Meath, equipped with the appropriate resources to combat crime effectively.

– Recognizing the importance of connectivity, Cormac will push for the establishment of a rail
line for Kells & North Meath to facilitate efficient transportation and reduce commuting

– Improved public transportation is a priority for Cormac, who will strive to increase bus
services and increase the number of bus shelters in Kells & North Meath.

– Cormac is committed to advocating for a fairer distribution of local property tax and other
rates collected in Kells & North Meath, ensuring that resources are allocated equitably.

– In support of local businesses, Cormac aims to reduce commercial rates to stimulate
economic growth and create a more favourable environment for enterprises.

– Cormac is dedicated to bringing jobs back to our community through initiatives that promote
economic development and attract businesses.

– Acknowledging the changing nature of work, Cormac will champion the establishment of
remote work hubs with reliable broadband, supporting a modern and flexible work
– To drive economic prosperity, Cormac will focus on bringing foreign direct investment to
Kells & North Meath, opening avenues for innovation and job creation.

Cormac is passionate about education and will work towards establishing an Institute of
Further Education in Kells, delivering PLCs and practical training.

– Cormac is committed to the well-being of residents and will advocate for the maintenance and
expansion of services at Navan hospital. If elected, he will stand steadfastly against any effort
to close Navan hospital or reduce services.

– In a commitment to environmental sustainability, Cormac will push for the installation of
solar panels on all council buildings, contributing to a greener and more energy-efficient
community. While also saving the taxpayer money.

– Addressing the parking challenges in Kells, Cormac will work towards providing more offstreet car parking spaces for residents and visitors.

– Ensuring smooth transportation, Cormac will secure increased funding for the maintenance
and improvement of roads and lane ways.

– To enhance road safety, Cormac pledges to ensure that potholes and other obstructions are
dealt with efficiently and promptly.

– Recognizing the importance of community engagement, Cormac will secure increased
funding for local clubs and societies in order to build a more vibrant and connected