People are worried and these so-called right-wing groups are playing on the fears of decent people is the opinion of Alan Lawes who spoke to us at Meath Live today
Alan Lawes grew up in inner Dublin and described the scenes last night as the action of thugs plying on the excuse of defending and protecting ‘our daughters from immigrants’.
‘I have seen these far-right views which are on social media platforms and they have the ability to d cause fear and hatred. It is like there is a Ku Klux clan philosophy out there now in Ireland now.
These people think they are the defenders of Irish society they are deluded.’
He goes on to express his view on what he is observing;
‘I am an elected councillor in Meath and I believe in free speech and democracy but some of the thing’s uploaded to social media are only up there to cause hatred. We need to debate these issues,
I can understand people’s fears.
Maybe we have to listen to what is happening around us and realise there is a genuine concern in society today.
From the images I saw on TV and social media, the Garda were totally unprepared as events unfolded. When the Garda Commissioner admitted he had to call in support from outside Dublin.
Maybe they should have called in the army but that would have been a sign of failure.’
Lawes then adds;
‘I remember when there was a protest march during the troubles in the 70’s. the garda were well able to stand up to the crowd that tired to cause trouble. They issued a warning to everyone to clear the streets and then baton charged the crowd and didn’t hold back. The streets were cleared.’
He opinions;
‘It tells you we don’t have the required numbers to police the city safely today again this needs to be debated and listen to the people.’

He describes how some people started fear mongering at a protest rally in Finglas about immigration;
There was a recent protest outside Finglas Garda station which was attended by over a thousand people. ‘A lot of people are worried about all these immigrants coming here ‘and shouts of ‘Lets burn them out’ could be clearly heard at that protest.
And in Johnstown parish he was out one night watching a game in the local pub;
‘I was out socially one evening earlier in the year and there were young French students in the pub.
You could hear comments ‘they are immigrants’ and’ they are trying to sneak them into Johnstown under the cover of darkness’ were some of the comments I overheard on the evening.
I stood up and challenged the outburst only to be threatened myself, these people need to cop on. There are many decent hard-working people who have come to Ireland and like us all they are just trying to get on with life.
I am disgusted at seeing what happened but not surprised. We should also remember the attacks on women that went missing and have never been found in the 80’s and 90’s, the Garda have a prime suspect but not the evidence. This wasn’t the work of immigrants back then; do we forget so quickly
how the women were frightened back then?’
‘If we haven’t enough Garda numbers maybe they should invite retired Garda back into the force for a temporary spell and get the numbers up’
As the cost of the night unfolds economically, it will be millions. There were children and a woman attacked yesterday in Dublin, two of them seriously.
Society has changed.