Unusual fact number one about Gavin Cromwell.

He doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet one of his best known horses, Flooring Porter does.

Seated in his Balrath yards offices Cromwell can see the fun in that, ‘ I suppose it’s odd right enough but sure look the horse won two stayers hurdles so he probably deserves one’.

Fair point but in an age when even a cloned sheep has a page dedicated to it surely one of Ireland’s top training talents deserves one, ‘I wouldn’t be into all that it doesn’t bother me at all, the yard does social media and I’d look at it occasionally but I’d have no real interest in it’

Which leads to unusual fact number two.

Cromwell is shy, not publicity shy as he is the most media friendly of people but naturally shy.

For example ask him where he met his wife Kiva and best you get is ‘My family knew her family we were from near Ardcath she is from Culmullen’.

Explore an alternative sports angle, the Cromwells were synonomous with Ardcath GAA, most of them lining out with St Vincents and Gavins uncle Gerry lining out for Meath, you are told, ‘Wasn’t for me I was no good at football.’

The football gene pool may have escaped him but the Cromwells love of horse racing, which saw Gerry train decent horses like Feud and Little Tarris certainly hasn’t.

‘It was on both sides of the family, my mothers people kept horse and my dad Mickser helped Gerry out so I was kind of brought up in a racing background and eventually became a farrier, I haven’t lost the knack either I shoed one  a few weeks ago, just the one shoe mind I haven’t the time to be at that now.’

Gavin is not averse to offering an opinion on racings big talking points, ask about THAT Gordon Elliot photo, and the reply is instant, ‘I knew there would be uproar, it was obvious that one would run and run.’

And the closest he comes to being forceful is when the issue of Elliot training 14 runners in the recent Troytown chase, something that raised punters ire, he is adamant there was nothing wrong with it.

‘I guessed that might come up the only time I have a problem with trainers having multiple runners in a race is if it stops others entering their horse and nobody was stopped having a runner in the Troytown, they chose not to and that is their business.’

He claims not to be superstitious but instantly identifies his unlucky track, ‘I’ve never had a winner at Laytown but Downpatrick has been good to me, the thing about this game is you will have far more horses who disappoint you when you expect them to win than surprise you when you don’t expect them to, I learned that lesson fairly quickly.

‘Horses not firing when expected is up there with dealing with owners as the most difficult parts of my job.’

Bring up a quote of his from some years back, ‘When someone walks into the yard I’d have something to sell them’, and he concedes, ‘I would be a salesman, I wouldn’t be what you would call a natural salesman but I have got better at it, you wouldn’t last long at this without the ability to buy and sell horses’

We’ll finish where we started with the fabulous Flooring Poter.

‘I’d be nervous before most races but just like a footballer would be more nervous in an All Irleand final than a club game, I’d be that more on edge before the bigger ones, and Flooring’s second stayers hurdle win is my stand out moment.’

Maybe the horse does deserve the Wikipedia treatment.