Figures recently provided to the Vice Chairperson of Meath County Council and North Meath based Councillor, Paul McCabe have revealed that over €874,000 of taxpayers money has been spent directly on tackling illegal dumping and fly tipping in Meath over recent years since 2019.

“These figures are stark. The ratepayers and taxpayers of the county are burdened every year with significant costs to clean up other people’s dirt and rubbish.

It’s fair to say that the vast majority of citizens across county Meath do not engage in this behaviour. Most people use bins and the recycling centres which are dotted across the county.

“Sadly though, there are some individuals out there who think it’s acceptable to fill the boot of their car or a trailer and drive out to a local country road and dump their waste. There’s also a small group of people in our communities who regularly engage the services of illegal and bogus waste collectors. This material inevitably ends up dumped in the countryside.

“One local group, the Emlagh & Oristown Bog Conservation Group are regularly recovering bags of recyclable drink cans and other waste from the ditches and roadside hedges on Emlagh Bog near Carlanstown village in county Meath.

“Unfortunately dumping incidents like this of recyclable material has become more common in recent years. It’s hugely regrettable that people will not avail of the free bottlebanks which are provided by Meath County Council in almost every town and village . Instead these people will fill the boot of their car and fling their cans and bottles into the countryside.

“In the run up to Christmas I would urge people to use the facilities provided by Meath County Council to dispose of the rubbish they generate over the Christmas period” urged Cllr. McCabe. CLOSE