Meath County Council has confirmed to Meath Live that the average waiting time for a person on the housing list to access a one bedroom house is almost a decade.

In response to our query a spokesperson confirmed, ‘The average waiting time for a 1 bed unit is 9 years 8 months’.

 When asked what plans the council have to alleviate the problem, they added, ‘Meath County Council has allocated 46 one bed units to date in 2023.  The Council is progressing schemes at a number of locations which will deliver additional one bed units and is actively seeking further opportunities for social housing delivery, including 1 bed units, through an Expression of Interest process on etenders  details of which are available here. (We wish to purchase Housing Developments for Social, Affordable and Mixed Tenure Housing | ‘

Independent councillor Joe Bonner, whose Ashbourne area has over 500 applicants on the list said, ‘Obviously a lot more

needs to be done but I would advise proceeding with caution as rushed planning is bad planning everything needs to be considered but clearly the current situation is not good enough’

Navan councillor Alan Lawes is of the opinion the council has much done but more to do, he claimed, ‘Credit where it is due the list for three and four bedroom allocations now has a wait of in and around a year, the next step has to be to focus on the one room list and that needs to be addressed urgently.’

The table below shows the situation as it stands;