This tweet from Duleek based Senator Sharon Keogan has caused uproar on the social media platform X, (formerly twitter)
Senator Sharon Keogan
I received a call from an area in Westmeath where a family travelled from Bangladesh, flew into Belfast Airport last week, travelled down to Dublin to IPAS and were given their OWN front door for a NEW 3-bed apartment. They had resided in the UK for some time before travelling. This is wrong. This country is a laughing stock, we are being fooled. Our immigration laws are non-existent. Where are the ‘Own Front Doors’ for the 100’s of thousands waiting on the housing list in this country?. #HousingCrisis #Immigration
The tweet has so far received over 700 replies with a large number of those effectively telling Keogan to put up or shut up, in other words either provide evidence that the tweet is true or remove it.

Here’s two examples,

Donal Brennan
I would say Senator either the person who shared this information was lying or that you are trying to create more Right Tension, prove what you have said or just shut up

And you of course researched this story to establish it was true before repeating it. Didn’t you
Keogan responded by posting a link to a Facebook post from Westmeath group Coole Concerns, which appears to back her version.
One thing that can be said about the Senator is she rarely scores own goals
Let’s see how this all works out.