Sinn Féin TD Johnny Guirke has hit out at his constituency colleagues who voted against his partys motion in the Dáil which would, had it passed,reduced rent in the county.

He told Meath Live, “Renters in Meath will be deeply disappointed that their government TDs voted against Sinn Féin’s proposals to support renters and end the housing crisis. It’s clear that renters in Meath need immediate support.

“Latest figures show rents in Meath are as much as €1,501 per month, a sum that is totally unaffordable for people on ordinary incomes.

“Sinn Féin’s plan would tackle the housing crisis and stand up for renters. It would put a full month’s rent back in every private renter’s pocket and increase the supply of affordable properties to rent and buy.

“Fine Gael have been in Government for 12 years, and Fianna Fáil have been propping them up for seven years. The housing crisis continues to go from bad to worse under their watch, rents are at an all-time high and rising, and the Government has missed the social and affordable housing targets three years in a row. Meanwhile the price of rent is spiralling and people are giving up hope of ever owning their own homes.

“Is it any wonder that so many of our young people who cannot afford this level of rent are emigrating?

“This week Sinn Féin set out our proposals to end the housing crisis. TDs in Meath had the opportunity to show they are on the side of struggling renters by supporting Sinn Féin’s plan.

“Renters in Meath need to know why their TDs failed to back this motion. I am urging these TDs to explain why they have abandoned renters instead of backing our plan.“It is clear that only a change of government, a change of housing policy and Sinn Féin’s Eoin Ó Broin as Housing Minister will allow us to start cleaning up the mess of decades of bad Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael housing policy.”