At the last monthly Council meeting, 4th December 23, councillors voted on a material contravention to  the current County Development Plan.

The motion failed to garner required vote of 30 councillors to pass the motion.

Remcoll Capital Ltd. had applied for the construction of a 57 bedroom nursing home on a flood plain at Hunters Lane, Ashbourne,Co. Meath.

The votes were 28 in favour, 6 against, 4 abstained, 2 absent.
In a heated debate Cllr Joe Bonner strongly opposed the motion of the nursing home being built on a flood plain.

”At one stage he stood up and described the meeting as being run like a circus.” according to another councillor, Michael Gallagher.
Cllr. Gallagher who also voted No, along with party members.

He explained he went in with an open mind but listening to the pros and cons put forward he was not happy that final reports have not been published.
”It just seemed too rushed to me.” he added.

”We have problems in Bettystown with serious flooding and I have come across
issues closer to my area.” he also explained.

There was a detailed planning report completed on Thursday 30th of November that was put down for a decision date on Monday 4th of December some four days later.

This planning recommended to pass the motion.

Cllr Paddy Meade also expressed concerns he too  voted No along with Cllr Joe Bonner.

Four other councillors who all abstained, would reflect they too had questions that needed clarification on the motion.